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Mariscal Foch E4 - 132(899) y Río Amazonas

Quito 170524

Quito – Ecuador

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Tributrek was created on May 15th 2007 in Ecuador as a tourism operator located in Quito. We offer packages and tourism programs directed to national and international market.
We give to know different places in the country, entering in its nature and culture.
Tributrek is led by Chasky Mashqui and Luis Mashqui; two professional brothers in the tourism and hotel administration sector. They are high skilled and they have an extensive experience in this field. They are in charge of planning, leading and controlling the operation of every single detail, to make your trip a memorable one.

Tributrek is an operator of tourism, inspired to show the natural and cultural richness of Ecuador, offering tourist services with in our territory addressing the national and international market that seeks to place the country in the eyes of the world.



Tributrek is a responsible and reference tourism operator in Ecuador, socially recognized for this quality and operational capacity in the tourism sector.


Offer quality tourism services with specialized professionals in each area.


Responsibility     .     Transparency     .     Punctuality     .     Respect

Olmedo "Chasky" Mashqui

  • Holds a title of superior technician of radio announcer and communicator granted by "AER"

  • Holds a degree of superior technical national guide awarded by "INIDEC"

  • Specialist National Guide in High Mountain No. 1952 certified by "MINTOUR" and "ASEGUIM"

Certified professional, National Tourism Guide has extensive knowledge in culture, history and socio-cultural aspects of the various tourist destinations of Ecuador. Also "Chasky" has higher education as a social communicator, management and tourist assistance. Specialization in High Mountain since it has an excellent recognition for his good work and hard work in this field. I speak many languages which include Quichua, Spanish, English and Polish.

In the same way he has knowledge in areas such as first aid, tourist activity legislation; this has allowed him to reach a high level with in the national as well as in the international field.

We can not forget that CHAKY MASHQUI is a person who has interpersonal skills to accompany, advise, lead and ensure the safety of their group of clients. Which is why he is qualified to provide an excellent service and meet high expectations in the market.

Luis Mashqui

  • Holds a degree of superior technical national guide awarded by "UNIDEC"

  • Specialized National Guide No. 558 certified by "MINTOUR"

  • Specialized Native | Guide Jungle no. 363 certified by "MINTOUR"

My family name is Mashqui a mixture of two South American cultures from two regions of the Andes, I have been immersed in the world of tourism for 15 years with different outdoor activities, mountain hikes, high mountain, horseback riding, cycling, enjoy the elements of nature leave me a sense of freedom, give the best in each tourist activity rich in culture and traditions of the four worlds that you find in a piece of planet earth.

Undoubtedly, experiencing new culture while living and meeting different countries in the world leaves me with a pleasant experience that enriches my personality day by day. I speak many languages which include Quichua, Spanish, English and French. For me speaking several languages means is a door that helps me to communicate and transmit my Quichua culture to the rest of the world.

I have a profession as a National Tourism Guide; I have had the great experience of working with recognized agencies, in addition to having knowledge in areas of scientific tourism, management of groups always oriented to the care and protection of nature.