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Sachasisa Limoncocha Yasuni Natural Reserv

Yasuní, the largest protected area in continental Ecuador, protects an impressive biodiversity in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and protects part of the territory from the "Waorani" nationality. In the Yasuní, surprising biodiversity figures have been reported for several flora and fauna groups, never registered in any protected area. The Yasuní National Park, the Intangible Zone and the adjacent "Waorani" territory were declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1989.

Here we find hundreads of species of trees, wide rivers that overflow with torrential rains and large animals such as the jaguar, the acaconda and the harpy eagle. We also find very small beings, such as the leoncillo or pocket monkey, the smallest primate in the world, and a great variety of reptiles and amphibians that place this park among the most boidiverse in the world. The human side of the Yasuni is also full of surprises, within the park live the "Tagaeri and Taromenane", which are Indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation.


Sachasisa Limoncocha Yasuni Natural Reserv

4 days, 3 nights

Altitude: 300 m

Difficulty: Easy

Day 1

Start with a breakfast and an excursion is planned from Sachasisa navigating the Napo River, observing the Amazon rainforest and rainforest for 4 hours. Later we have a lunch in the city of Coca and then continue for 2 hours more by the Napo River where we intend to reach the port of Pompeii and then take a taxi to the reserve of Limoncocha where we will rest in the cabins Supay Cocha, here we also wait for dinner and then rest until the next day.

Day 2

On this day the activities begin at 7:30 in the morning with a breakfast. We start the day with a hike in the Amazon rainforest secondary and primary where we can observe the flora and fauna with a duration of 4 hours, then you will have lunch and a break before the afternoon to pretend to do a fishing activity of piranhas and observation of alligators that inhabit the area, as well as ather animals. Dinner will be ready for the night to rest until the next day.

Day 3

On this day breakfast will be at 5 am in the morning. The program begins with the visit to the Yasuni National Park by motor canoe. Here we can see the fauna and its natural composition by looking at the parrot salting on the banks of the Napo River, during the journey we have the bird watching tower inside the inhospitable jungle of the park, then continue with the visit to the community of "Añango Aso De Mujeres Curi Muyu" where we will have a demonstration of dance and handicrafts from the place, here there is a space of Amazonian experience and then move to another community called "El Pilche" where the respective Amazonian lunch awaits us with a typical dish called "maito de pescado" when we finish, we start with the return to the port of Pompeii and then to Limoncocha. When arriving we tand the dinner in the cabins and rest.
On this day there may be an optional activity that is a swim at a beach at noon.

Day 4

In this we intend to start at 6 am in the morning to start with a walk for two hours to observe the bird sighting and then return to the lodge where we wait with breakfast to later return to the port of Pompeii and take a canoe that It will direct us to the City of Coca, which upon arrival has a lunch and we terminate the program.