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Otavalo, also known as St. Luis of Otavalo, is called an intercultural; It is the second largest and most populated city in the province of Imbabura. It is located to the north of the inter-Andean region of Ecuador, in the Hoya of the river Chota, crossed by the river Tejar, with an Andean climate of 16°C on average. On this day you will be able to visualiza the Quichua culture, deeper into its culture,customs, language, way of life as it is agriculture, and its forms of commerce, in addition to visiting hegemonic places like the market of ponchos emblematic place in Latin America by Being the oldest in the regios, it is worth mentioning that on Saturdays we can see how the city is transformed into a large artisan market, textiles and animals, we will alsovisit the waterfall and the community of Peguche, a short walking distance where we will find abundant of vegetation and an introduction to the Quichua community.



1 day

Altitude: 2556 m

Difficulty: Easy


Departure from Quito 7:00 in the morning towards the province of Umbabura; We will have some stops before arriving to the market of Otavalo on the way we will have diversity of dry landscapes (Valley of Guayllabamba), Andean Paramo (Cayambe) in this city where the CAKE (biscuit) made in wood ovens typical of this region is being made, until Get to the first viewpoint of Lake San Pablo photography time. There will be a visit of animal the market for a time of 45 minutes. Then we will continue to the artisan market which you will be assisted by your guide during the visit, time for group or individual lunch will depend on the program.

In the last part of our journey, we will pass by the community of Peguche there we will have activities like a hike to the waterfall of the same name gor a time of approximately one hour, in this same community we will visit a craft center of weaving and of instruments Wind musicals, and that will be the end of planned activities and we will return to the city of Quito.