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Quito – Ecuador

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Quito is the second highest capital i the world, it is seated on the slopes of the Pichincha volcano. It is also known as "Face of God", and was declared by UNESCO as the first Cultural patrimony of humanity, in 1978. In Ecuador the historic center of Quito, is one of the largest and best preserved in Latin America, a real heritage treasure. Churches, museums and cultural centers you to discover the history of Ecuador, its richness, cultural and natural diversity, through a wonderful journey. From severalperspectives, Quito is a charm composed of: mountains and volcanoes; Ancient alleys decorated by flowering balcoies with behemian airs; The Church of the company with gold treasures; The bagel that offers a panoramic view; And the half-world city that places travelers in a single moment in two hemispheres. The area of Marshal Foch and several entertainment sites located throughout the city offer a wide range of nightlife and gastronomy.



1 day

Altitude: 2850 m

Difficulty: Easy


Quito Colonial is a city with a history that never ceases to surprise, it houses invaluable and beautiful churches, chapels, monasteries and colonial convents, squares, museums, buildings the headquarters of the national government Carondelet Palace and the city Hall with an Interesting architecture of the beginning of the TWENTIETH century. Its historic quarter is the best preserved in Latin America that is the reason why it was declared by UNESCO as a Cultural heritage of humanity in 1978, Quito is extended by more than 320 ha, becoming the largest in America.

One of the attractive symbols of this architectural jewel is the church of the company of Jesus the best example of Baroque architecture in South America. With its impressive golden-bread altar and a mix of different styles, this church is one of the most beautiful buildings in the colonial district of Quito.

We begin by visiting the Plaza of San Francisco and its church, Independence Square, the Cathedral of Quito, the presidential palace (the outside), the Church of the Tabernacle, the company of Jesus, then we continue to the "neighborhood of La Ronda" until reaching the square of Santo Domingo with its church in the we will discover a strange mixture of two visions of the world (Inca religion and European Catholicism) which is reflected beautifully in the city and also known as the Face of God.

The best panoramic visit of Quito is complete from the hill of the bagel crowned by the imposing statue of the Virgin Mary of the sculptor Bernando de Laggard from there you will be able to admire in fullness the city and landscapes typical of the Andes of Ecuador. After visiting the colonial district, we will continue the journey to the northwest 15 kilometers from Quito towards the monument of the world which that was built in honor of the French scientific expedition (XVIII century), which tried to define the dimension of the Earth for the first time. The Inti Ñan a scientific and cultural museum located in the real location through which croses the equator line or zero parallel and finally return to the main road towards the viewpoint of the volcano Pululahua and then return to the city of Quito.