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Cayambe is the third highest volcano in Ecuador and it has the highest peak in the Andes north of the equatorial line its characteristic is what protects its glacier permanently. The Cayambe is part of the Northern Cordillera Cental (also called Cordillera Real) where it surrounded by the Hoya Quito. Cayambe comes from several lenguages according to ancestral cultures such as the Quitus and Caranquis.


2 days, 1 night

Altitude: 5790 m

Difficulty: Moderate/High

Day 1

Appointment with the guide 8:30 in the morning for team review and trip planning. Departure from Quito at 9:00 with direction to the city of Cayambe, connection with the OLEAS refuge where it will be the place of rest, lodging, food, organization and technical talk.

Day 2

Final review of the equipment and clothing, departure from the refuge at 01:00 in the morning towards the summit of the CAYAMBE volcano at 5790 m (18,996 ft.) depending on the weather conditions. Finished the activity of ascending then we return to the refuge where we have a time to rest, feeding and hydration, then we begin the return to Quito or place of destination.