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The Cotopaxi or also known as the neck of the moon is a young stratovolcano active in the form of perfect cone with a crater at the top, from where glaciers descend all the flanks, being the highest and active volcano of the Andes in the world, its last major eruption dates back to June 26, 1887.



2 days, 1 night

Altitude: 5897m

Difficulty: Moderate/High

Day 1

Appointment with the guide 9:00 in the morning for team review and trip planning. Departure from Quito at 10:00 with direction Cotopaxi National Park, we will visit the information center, we will pass by the lagoon of Limpiopungo and continue the route with direction to the PARKING LOT with the height of 4600m (15,091 feet) There we proceed to our respective equipment and Access to the JOSE RIVAS refuge at 4864m (15,958 feet) which is a place of rest, lodging, food, organization and technical talk.

Day 2

Final review of the equipment and clothing, exit from the shelter at midnight towards the summit of Cotopaxi volcano at 5897m (19,347 ft.) depending on the weather conditions. Finished the activity of ascending return to the refuge where we have a time to rest, feeding and hydration, then we begin the return to Quito or place of destination.