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Illiniza South or also known as Cerro Varon is a potentially active stratovolcano, consists of two snow-capped peaks which confers a more difficult ascent due to its glacial nature, while Illiniza North requires little climbing skill, and It can be done with good weather as a hiking peak because of its geographical position and structure.
It is believed that the Illinizas are the best acclimatization mountains in Ecuador.



2 days, 1 night

Altitude: Illiniza South(5248 m) and Illiniza North (5126 m)

Difficulty: Moderate

Day 1

Appointment with the guide 9:00 in the morning for team review and trip planning. Departure from Quito at 10:00 with Ecologic RESERVE LOS ILINIZAZ, connection with the place called LA VIRGEN park at 3900 m (12,795 ft.) where, we proceed with the respective equipment and continue the ascending to the shelter THE ILINIZAS to 4700 m (15,420 feet) place of rest, lodging, food, organization and technical talk.

Day 2

Final review of the equipment and clothing, departure from the refuge at 05:00 in the morning towards the summit of the volcano LOS ILINIZAS to 5245 m (17,208 ft.) depending on the weather conditions. After the activity of ascent return to the refuge we have a time of rest, feeding and hydration, then we begin the return to Quito or place of destination.