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Integral Pichincha

The PICHINCHAS are a massif comprising several peaks and is located in the western Andes, the Guagua Pichincha with a height of 4776 meters (15,669 ft.) is the most active volcano and its name comes from the Quechua derivative, El Rucu Pichincha with a height of 4698 meters (15,413 ft.) is an extinct volcano, this volcano has two craters, one inside the other, which are the result of its eruptions, is the closest volcano to the city of Quito.


Integral Pichincha

Guagua Pichincha / Rucu Pichincha

1 day

Altitude: 4776 m

Difficulty: Moderate


Departure from Quito at 7:00 in the morning towards the population of LLOA direct connection to the Refugio of the volcano GUAGUA PICHINCHA to 4550 meters (14,928 ft.) place of the respective equipment and then to make the ascent to the summit of the volcano GUAGUA PICHINCHA to 4781 meters (15,685 ft.) and start the hike to the top of the RUCU PICHINCHA volcano at 4698 meters (15,413 ft.) and then descending through the cable car of Quito to the resting place, for food and hydration, then we start the return to Quito or destination.