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Isinlivi / Chugchilan / Quilotoa

The Quilotoa is a crater in the form of a boiler filled with water of 3 kilometers wide and with 250 meters of depth that was formed by the collapse of this volcano, followed by an eruption approximately 812 years agp, which produced a pyroclastic flow and flows of mud that reaches the Pacific Ocean, which deposited volcanic ashes through the air along the Andes, whose dissolved minerals gave it the emerald green in particular, as well as having fumaroles at the bottom of the lake. That give a unique appeal, in addition we can have direct contact with the indigenous community that bares the same name of the Quilotoa crater.


Isinlivi / Chugchilan / Quilotoa

3 days, 2 nights

Altitude: 4535 m

Difficulty: Moderate / High

Day 1

Departure from Quito at 8:00 am to Isinlivi. We will drive for approximately 2 hours to reach Guingopana. We will have a short walk along the Guingopana Hill (Ecuadorians paramos) in approximately 20 minutes. Then we will continue to the community of Isinlivi at this point the transfer ends. From this point begins the hiking for approximately 4 hours to the community of Chugchilan where you will be able to have access to lunch box during the journey for each participant. When you arrive at Chugchilan we will have dinner, lodging and breakfast the following day.

Day 2

Breakfast scheduled at 8 am in Chugchilan. After breakfast, we will start our 6 hours hiking towards the Quilotoa volcano and Toachi Canyon.Passing by small towns such as La Moya and Guayama Chico indigenous peoples that are accentuated at the base of the volcano Quilotoa,this is the day in which requires a little more demand as soon as ascending to the Quilotoa volcano, during the trip the box lunch is seen as something necessary. When you arrive you will have dinner, lodging and breakfast the next day in the community of Quilotoa.

Day 3

Breakfast scheduled at 8 am. After Breakfast we leave to take the walk inside the mirador of the lagoon of Quilotoa, we will continue our journey along the edge of the lagoon until you reach the viewpoint of the community of Shalala. Return to the community of Quilotoa by the edge f the crater of Quilotoa. Lunch in the community. Duration of 4 hours. Return to the point of origin.