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Mindo or also known as the Eco-route "El Pasep de Quinde" is a population already with several years old of existence in the north of Ecuador, it is famous for its great variety of species of birds approximately 500, 90 species of butterflies and 170 species of orchids, bromeliads, heliconias, ferms, vines, mosses and lichens that fill the surrounding the cloudy forest with 19,000 hectares, within the reserve Mindo Nambillo. Mindo was considered one of the most important Tambos of the way Esmeraldas to Quito, in this zone is where Chasquis and Mindalas used to rest and exchanged products and merchandise. There are several versions of the meaning of the term Mindo (Mindu), one of which comes from the word mindalas which means merchants. In this place you can do several activities, such as hiking, cable car, tubing, observation of fauna and flora very representing this place.



1 day

Altitude: 2550 m

Difficulty: Easy


The tour will starts at 7:00 am and we will go towards the northwest of Quito crossing the northern part of the city to connecting with The Mitad del Mundo equatorial line and the "Mirador de volcano Pululahua" reveling the wonderful scenery before heading towards the Mindo-Nambillo cloudy forest. This reserve has about 22,00 acres (8,900 hectares) of primary forest, including everything from the jungle to the moor. You will visit the butterfly station to learn about the 25 species of butterflies that live in this area along with a number of hummingbirds that can be admired a few meters and then we will visit the waterfall of Nambillo.

We will continue the tour and cross an impressive canyon on the river Mindo with a cable car that runs about 230 feet (70 m) over the forest that provides an amazing view of the area once at the other side, you can walk along a pleasant path to the sanctuary of Waterfalls, the hike lasts about 30 minutes between trails that cross lush vegetation. We have to be calm and alert to be able see hummingbirds and tanagers that may be on the branches of nearby trees, an optional canopy tour is available on the same route. After this adventure, you will enjoy a lunch at a delicious restaurant in the area and then take some time and enjoy an explanatory tour From the wonderful world of Ecuadorian chocolate taking the way back to the city of Quito around 6:00 pm.