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The Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge is located in the Interandean foothills of the collapsed volcano of the same name and adjoins the inter-Andean valley, this protects a patch of unique forest in the inter-Andean alley that possesses the high humid mountain and low mountain forests, and the moorlands of pajonal and almohadillas, also houses 126 species of birds, of which 12 are found only in the northern Andes biome and 14 are species of hummingbirds, and around 232 species of plants have been identified, highlighting the Heliconias, Bromeliads, ferns and 23 species, between terrestrial and aerial, of orchids here it is possible to undertake an excursion of extreme adventure, or a quiet walk to enjoy the Andean biodiversity. You can also climb the rocky volcano or walk on trails.



1 day

Altitude: 2800 m to 4210 m

Difficulty: Moderate


The volcano Pasochoa 4200 meters High is an extinct caldera located southeast of Quito today catalog as a sanctuary of wildlife that is formed by several peaks of different altitude considering that its last eruption which was about 10.0000 years ago Allowing the caldera to be to the West giving it its horseshoe shape today. The same human activity had a great impact on the animal and plant life of the area, disappearing over the years most of the native forests that were converted into paddocks for livestock and agriculture, except only the virgin forest that remained inside the Caldera del Pasochoa, which, due to its geographical difficulty, prevented almost any attempt at conquest and destruction, in this forest sheltered many species of flora and fauna that now have practically disappeared from the inter-Andean alley because in order to preserve it was created the forest Protector Pasochoa in the year 1979, it was initially administered by the Natura Foundation, now Administered by the Ministry of the Environment. The Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge is a very attractive protected area for tourism and the practice of hiking in different climatic floors for camping with great beauty and biodiversity. The hiking is about 3-5 hours to the top is a low level hike for those who are starting out hiking and want to try their physical state and endurance that is characterized by its landscape of pajonal and rock of the Andes because when you reach the top US Ted will appreciate the beautiful scenery of the avenue of the volcanoes.


Departure from the hotel at 7:00 am with direction to the Panamericana Norte E35 Parish of Uyumbicho, Mejía Canton, province of Pichincha to 45 Km to the south east of Quito 2 hours, approximately of route with a minimum height of 3600m (parking) and reaching a maximum height of the Central Summit 4200m. The complete journey lasts 5 hours of walking in the two directions of the route, in this period we will have time to the lunch box and to the city of Quito.