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The Yanahurco of Piñán or Yana-Urca (Yana-URCO) is a mountainous elevation that is surrounded by lakes of crystalline water, constituted of what was a huge volcano and, surely, in prehistoric times must have had some small glacier, as they are in The different levels of traces of the gradual removal of the ice. Its name-of Quichua origin-means "black hill", this possibly due to its high orin content of the mountain. The arrival at the top of this hill reveals one of the Inca wonders that has become a historical landmark because it served as a military observatory for the Incas.



3 days, 4 nights

Altitude: 4535 m

Difficulty: Moderate / High

Day 1

Departure from the city of Quito to the city of Ibarra, which is two hours from the Capital. Then we moved to the small town Irugincho where we continue our journey to the pine forest, from there our trekking will begin to reach the lagoon of Yanococha which will take us from 6 to 7 hours approximately. This area represents a very important point as the climate change to 4000 m is observed. On this day we can have a breathtaking view of the entire valley of Ibarra and its surroundings. Lunch box during the trip. Dinner camping, breakfast.

Day 2

From the Yanacocha Laggon, we will continue with the trekking though the pajonales of El Piñán. Enjoying the scenery we will observe even more lagoons that are in the surrounding of the area and begin to descend towards the zone called El Toma where we set our camp.
If time perm its us, we will be able to observe condors in full flight, as well as enjoy the landscape of this small valley.
This tour will take approximately 5 to 6 hours. Box lunch during the trip. Dinner camping, breakfast

Day 3

We will raise our camp in El Toma. We will also walk in the middle of a small forest where it is possible to observe depending on the time, Huaycundos, bromeliads and orchids that prow in the trunks of the trees of this area. Then we will Continue our Trekking on the slopes towards a forest by which we descend to the thermo of Timbiyacu that are hot springs that contain a lot of iron for its yellow color.
We will finish the trekking next to the thermo of Timbiyacu. The journey will take approximately 5 hours. Optional Hot Springs Entrance program and return customer's to their point of origin.